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"Wah wah wah wah it's so hard being viewed as a sex object when people pay me to fulfil their sexual desires. Oh god you don't know how hard it is you guys being bought expensive gifts and lavish dinners. I deserve and am entitled to these things." Cry me a fucking river. I put myself through college having to clean toilets for minimum wage, and none of my bosses ever took me out for an expensive dinner or bought me a lavish gift. You can kiss this girl's ass, you whiny little diva.

Honey you’re supposed to clean toilets with a brush, not by licking them clean and then vomiting into ask boxes.

By the way, if someone had dropped their baby in your lap and asked you to change their diaper, would you have agreed to do it because hey, you clean shit up in a certain place so what’s the difference? No, I didn’t think so. Work on that bitterness sweetheart, it’s causing you selective reading issues.

- Mod D.

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