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My friend Megan was sexually assaulted at a 24 Hour Fitness by a staff member and on camera. Instead of firing the staff member, corporate intimidated her into not pursuing legal action and terminated her fully paid membership without her consent. This staff member still works at the 24 Hour Fitness located on Cass Street of Omaha, Nebraska. What Megan wants is for this employee to be fired as a result of his behavior, for her paid membership to be reinstated, and for sexual harassment policies to be posted publicly in 24 Hour Fitness locations. 

By choosing not to punish this employee for his behavior, they are enabling him and providing him opportunities to do the same to another woman again. By choosing not to punish this employee, 24 Hour Fitness is expressing that they have no regard for the safety and well being of their patrons.

And that’s bullshit if you ask me.
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Here they are on facebook.
Here is the facebook for their Cass location.
Here is their twitter.
Here is the twitter for their branch on Cass.

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Transcript under the cut.

[Megan Hunt
October 7 near Omaha

On April 29th, 2012 at 3.03 am I was sexually assaulted at 24 Hour Fitness on Cass street by the man who works the front desk during the night shift. It played out that the manager couldn’t do anything about it, even though the whole incident was on tape, and it went all the way up to 24 Hour’s corporate HR. I spoke to their representative on the phone extensively and she told me that for legal reasons they could not fire that employee and getting the police involved would not be worth my time.

Not only was I assaulted, I was intimidated by 24 Hour corporate from resolving the issue with local law enforcement. I did not ever file a report. PTSD has been a problem for me, I’ve seen therapists, I’ve taken medication, and earlier this year I decided I want to just get back in shape and start feeling good about my body again. When I went in, I found my membership had been cancelled without my permission, even though my year was paid in full.

I have waited FOUR MONTHS for this to be resolved. I just called the Cass manager today and he said he didn’t know anything about this case. He asked me again to explain again what happened to me in April 2012, causing me to relive the assault by describing it in detail, as if he needed to be convinced that it actually happened. I have paid thousands of dollars to this company for use of the gym, and I’m being kept out even though my memebership had been paid. With the type of plan I initially signed up for, this is the only gym I can afford in Omaha. (Don’t offer to solve my problems by suggesting I join another gym. I do not need to move. I work out at 3am before bed and I am going to continue to do so.)

24 Hour Fitness can make this right by firing this employee (they certainly know who he is), reinstating my membership, and making sure that paying to work out at their facilities will no longer be a hassle for me. I would also like to see PUBLICLY posted signange explaining their company’s sexual harassment policy and for them to PUBLICLY take a zero-tolerance attitude toward accusations of sexual offenses committed by employees.

Shielding employees from legal consequences of their violent behavior suggests an unchecked culture of misogyny and sexism. 24 Hour Fitness, please take safety more seriously in your gyms.. If you feel moved, you can tweet them @24HourFitness and presure them to review what happened ot me as a member. Or say what you want. Seual harassment and assault went on in their establishment with absolutely no consequences but to erase me from their files as a member and ignore my requests for this to be reviewed. I’ve been approached by news media about talking about this, I’ve been encouraged to share this experience in stories about sexual assault, and in the past I’ve always declined. No more. Evidently nothing will change until a flood of PR shit is rained down upon this unethical company.

I’d like to go exercise. Without expecting a stranger to put his hands on me, or follow m into the steam room or locker room, or suggest that I work out in my bra because “most other women do it that way.” I’m really over dealing with this for the last year and a half. It is now gonna get fixed real fast.]

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