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An example of inherant misogyny.

I’ve been dating my fiance for about two years, and over the time have guided him to becoming a proper intersectionalist ally. He recognizes that he does have privileges - to the point that it makes him physically sick at the way women are treated - and makes it a point to point out the misogyny in other guys on a day-to-day basis. But there are occasions where one can truly see how deeply institutional misogyny lies. I decided I was going to attempt nude modeling, because it’s something I’ve always found beautiful and wanted to try. When I explained to him what I wanted to do and that I wanted his approval(being that he’s my fiance and I want this to be something we’re on the same page about. i would have done it regardless), he replied “but that’s wrong!” in a way that I can only describe as knee-jerk. Like it was such a commonplace thought that the naked female body was wrong that he didn’t seem to even think about what he was saying. Of course, after much screaming and fighting and ripping him from his comfort zone, he now fully supports me. But it was just so shocking to see how quickly that phrase came out, and realize that while I’ve torn myself away from thoughts like that, it still ran very deep in so many others.

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