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[Jakob Jakobson
referring to a vagina as something that only girls have and a penis something that only boys have is transphobic because some men have vaginas and some women have penises. I don’t think you’re a bad person but I’m just letting you know because you’re being unintentionally ignorant.

Emma Blackery
oh jeez, there’s always one. i know about gender politics, but was i going to cover it in depth in a five minute video? no. also, being a ‘phobic’ and being ‘ignorant’ cannot be placed into the same category. in order to have a ‘fear’ of something (which i managed to get using simply etymology of ‘phobic) you need to have knowledge of what that thing is, which would be the opposite to being ignorant, which is having little knowledge. dont play coy with me, sunshine, i have transsexual friends.]

This is a YouTuber I and a lot of other people watch, her name is Emma Blackery and I just wanted to put this up bc a) what a POS and b) to be a warning to others that she’s transphobic and maybe watching her new video isn’t a good idea..

"-phobic is wrong because it’s not about being scared!”, arguing using the dictionary, and of course the “I have *insert marginalized group* friends!”. There has got to be a bingo card for this shit.

- Mod D.

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    im disappointed. i thought i could have expected better from her
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    Breaking New Listeners! Having trans* friends now makes everything you do automatically exempt from being transphobic...
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